Smoke exhaust ducts and cable ducts



  • PROMADUCT-500 are smoke exhaust ducts and self-supporting ventilation ducts intended to be installed in encasements of steel ventilation and fire exhaust systems, with the following fire resistance classes: EIS 30, EIS 60, EIS 90, EIS 120.
  • Fire-retardant cable ducts from PROMATECT system guarantee maintaining the continuity of energy and signal supply in the following fire resistance classes: 30 min, 60 min, 90 min, 120 min.



  • Casings for steel smoke exhaust ducts: Conlit Duo and Conlit Plus systems with the following fire resistance classes: EIS 30, EIS 60, EIS 90, EIS 120.



  • Ducts to protect cable systems EI 60, EI 120.


  • Fireboard ducts for the protection of cable systems: I K 262 ducts, with the following fire resistance classes: I 30, I 60, I 90, I 120.


Cable systems protection

In case you are wondering why cable systems are protected against fire, we are here to answer. This type of fire protection is indispensable in every building. Fire protection of cable systems can protect us against an additional threat in case of fire, provided that everything was installed in accordance with applicable legal regulations. Adequate protection of cables guarantees efficient and safe functioning of the whole system. The following factors are crucial when fire protection measures for cable systems are being installed: attention to every detail, using tested and certified products, professionalism in executing the service. All protection measures intended for cable systems and other elements of utility systems will be installed fast, professionally, reliably and of course in accordance with applicable regulations.

We would also like to recommend products for fire protection of service penetrations and cable ducts.