Anti-corrosion protection and repair of reinforced concrete constructions

The problems of concrete repair are very complex. The influence of atmospheric factors, the action of harmful substances and mechanical loads leave their mark in the concrete. It is therefore understandable that the means used to repair reinforced concrete constructions must meet the highest durability requirements.

We are a company specializing in the protection and repair of reinforced concrete constructions. We participated in works of this type at such facilities as the National Stadium in Warsaw, "Czajka" Sewage Treatment Plant in Warsaw, the North Bridge in Warsaw and many more. We cooperate with leading technology and material suppliers - including Sika, BASF, Bauchemie and many others.


Our offer in the field of anti-corrosive protection and repairs of reinforced concrete constructions:

  • concrete impregnation
  • pressure injection
  • shotcrete
  • carbon fibre tapes
  • concrete abrasive blast cleaning
  • hydro-monitoring, concrete damp proofing
  • resin floors

We also carry out anti-corrosive protection of steel constructions.