Fire protection of cast iron structures


You are welcome to have a look at our offer of fire protection for concrete structures. Why do reinforced concrete structures require us to plan and implement adequate protection against potential fire? Fire always constitutes a major threat to human life and health. Moreover, it often happens that even a quick and professional firefighting action cannot prevent damage and material losses. Applicable law specifies which degree of fire protection is required in the case of a particular structure. In order to respond to these needs, there emerged modern technologies and innovative solutions, such as fire-retardant mixtures offered by us.


Fire-retardant impregnation of concrete

Fire-retardant impregnation of concrete with the use of products offered by us is one of the basic methods used in the construction industry to protect structures against fire. An additional advantage of using impregnants is that they protect concrete elements against the negative impact of weather conditions. Prior to fire-retardant impregnation of concrete, the surface should be cleaned thoroughly and left to dry. When the surface is ready, we can apply an appropriate impregnant. The application itself is not complicated. To apply the product, you can use a brush, a gun or a roller. Due to inflammability, products used for fire-retardant impregnation of concrete should be kept away from sources of fire.


Fire-retardant mixtures for protection of concrete structures against standard and hydrocarbon fires


Promaspray F250 is based on mineral wool fibres and serves for fire protection and sound insulation. It is made of mineral wool and inorganic hydraulic binding agents. The mixture is used in dry fire protection spraying. Scope of application:

  • concrete structures and ceilings,
  • beam and block flooring,
  • concrete slabs combined with profiled metal sheets,
  • wood ceilings - fire-retardant spray is applied to expanded metal mesh,
  • steel structures.


Promaspray P300 is a pre-mixed and lightweight mortar, based on vermiculite and plaster. Scope of application:


Promaspray T is mortar intended for thermal insulation of surfaces which are not exposed to weather conditions. Promaspray T is a dry mixture which consists of mineral wool, hydraulic and semisynthetic binding agents, as well as certain other additives. Fire retardant spraying is intended for fire protection and sound insulation of structures such as:

  • concrete structures and ceilings (fire protection, thermal and sound insulation),
  • beam and block flooring (fire protection, thermal and sound insulation),
  • concrete slabs combined with profiled metal sheets (thermal and sound insulation).


Vermiplaster mixture is a product used for fire protection of reinforced concrete structures exposed to standard heating inside buildings, in the following fire resistance classes: R30, R90, R120, R180.