Fire protection

JACK-SERVICE offers its Customers technologies and materials for fire protection with approvals for use on the basis of Approvals, Certificates and Polish Standards. The systems we offer are modern solutions designed mainly for the needs of dynamically developing construction and industry.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine building safe constructions made of steel or concrete without appropriate fire protection. The degree of complexity of the fire protection systems used depends, among others, on the size of the building, the level of its development and the functions it performs. Modern fire protection systems not only immediately inform about the appearance of fire in the building, but also act preventively. The last function is fulfilled by the so-called passive fire protection, e.g. various types of fire-resistant preparations. The use of such fire protections already at the stage of erecting and finishing a given structure guarantees that the building will be safer for users.

We cooperate with reliable technologies and materials suppliers such as: PROMAT, HILTI, PROMAL, INTERNATIONAL, CARBOLINE, ALFASEAL, KNAUF, and many more.

RImplementation of fire protections

  • Fire protection of steel construction
  • Fire protection of reinforced concrete construction
  • Fire protection
  • Fire separation walls and building envelope as well as development of shaft enclosures
  • Expansion gaps and construction in walls and ceilings
  • Smoke extraction ducts and cable ducts.